Pond/Lake Management – Proactive Vs. Reactive

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Up until the last few years, most pond owners have relied on REACTIVE pond management practices to keep their ponds clear of excessive, unwanted, aquatic growth.  They’ve traditionally waited for the problem to appear then treated it chemically.  Although sometimes necessary as a management tool, chemical applications can be bandages for the real problem and can actually contribute to the problem by adding more nutrient rich muck and increasing the overall nutrient load.

With the introduction of the Airmax Ecosystem™ program, pond owners have now been able to convert to, and rely on, PROACTIVE pond management practices.  With the use of aeration, 100% natural bacteria and/or pond dyes, they’ve been able to get directly at the SOURCE of their problems; excessive nutrients in the water column and in the muck at the bottom of the pond.  By providing microbial competition for the nutrients, they’ve successfully maintained healthy, clear ponds for all, including the fish, to enjoy.

Aquatic Herbicides and Algaecides (chemicals) are useful tools for pond management.  Often ponds become overrun with weeds or algae, and a chemical application may be your best option to gain control, at least for the short term,  unfortunately, the dead or decaying weeds and algae that have settled on the bottom of your pond are creating an abundance of nutrients and muck in your pond, increasing the likelihood for future weed and algae growth.  This is in additional to other factors that also increase the nutrient load in your lake, like surface water runoff, bird droppings, fish waste, grass clipping and fertilizers, just to name a few.

The REACTIVE Approach to Pond Management

Some pond owners go as far as treating their ponds once a week with chemicals to help manage their weed and/or algae problems.  Not only is this process more costly, it is also creating more work for the pond owner.  Every time weeds and algae are treated, they fall to the pond’s bottom and if not removed mechanically, they will biodegrade and encourage future growth.  Chemicals are an important part of most management plans but they can’t – and shouldn’t – be the entire plan.

Also, consider that when treating weeds and algae, sudden changes to water conditions (caused by the quickly decaying plants) can negatively affect other aquatic life in your pond.   It is best to run your aeration system during all chemical applications.   This will help maintain high oxygen levels for fish and other aquatic, life as well as enhance the effectiveness of the application.

Why choose Airmax®?

  • Quietest aeration systems on the market
  • High performance, professional quality components
  • Lowest cost of operation
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Custom layout and design services

Quality You can Count On

High performance, professional quality components make Airmax® Aeration Systems an easy choice. Warranty time.

  • Aeration Diffusers:5 years
  • Aeration Compressors & electrical components: 2 years
  • Aeration Cabinets:  Lifetime
  • Aeration Airline:  5 years

You can be assured that all Airmax® products will be SAFE, SIMPLE SOLUTIONS, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

All new for 2015 designed Aeration Systems are grouped into three categories.

Why pond Depth matters?

The deeper a diffuser plate is placed in your pond, the more area it can effectively aerate.  Shallow ponds, or ponds with irregular shapes and bends, require more diffuser plates per surface acre.

Shallow Water Series for ponds up to 8′ DeepIn shallow ponds, the column of diffused air is not able to “open” as far which limits the effective area of each plate.  The bends and curves in irregular shaped ponds block the circulation provided by an aeration system which creates the need for more plates to reach isolated sections of your pond.

Shallow Water Series for ponds up to 8′ Deep

  • Perfect for shallow ponds or beach areas up to 8′ deep
  • Single system can aerate up to 1/2 acre
  • Extremely efficient, cost as little as $2.52/month to run 23/7

Pond Series Ponds up to 21′ Deep

  • Perfect for ponds or large lakes up to 21′ deep
  • Single systems can aerate up to 4 acres
  • Extremely efficient compressor cost as little as $5.80/month to run 24/7

Lake Series Ponds up to 50′ Deep

Deep Water PondAs diffused air leaves the diffuser plate, it rises to the pond’s surface in a V pattern, creating a current.  The higher this pattern is able to rise, the wider it becomes which allows it to circulate a greater volume of water.

  • Perfect for larger ponds or large lakes up to 50′ Deep
  • Single systems can aerate up to 6 acres
  • Extremely efficient compressor cost as little as $22.02/month to run 24/7
  • ETL Electrical Safety Certification
  • Available in 115V or 230V

Remember the Airmax PROACTIVE formula:

  1. Aeration
  2. Natural Bacteria – Pond Clear, EcoBoost, and MuckAway
  3. Pond Dye

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