Why Waterscape? 5 Benefits of Outdoor Water Features

There is a reason why those nature sound videos of crashing waves, flowing rivers, trickling streams and cascading waterfalls are so popular on YouTube: They help a person relax and de-stress after yet another long, busy day. Some folks take it a step further and install their own water features in their home’s yard, so they are never more than a few feet away from the tranquil sights and sounds these amazing elements provide. It’s a smart move in today’s demanding, technology-based world, where a moment to breathe can be hard to come by, and connecting to something that is not a glowing screen is even harder.

People have been enamored with living near a body of water for generations. It comes as no surprise then that waterfront properties are usually priced about 30% higher than their inland counterparts. However, not everyone can or wants to leave beach or bayside, which is where waterscaping comes into play as a convenient alternative. A piece of nature, such as a pondless waterfall or backyard water ecosystem, can be enjoyed by anyone so long as there is the space and will for it.

In addition to natural serenity and peacefulness, there are several other wonderful benefits of owning and maintaining a waterscape:

1) It is just plain good for you!

Backyard water features are like nature’s free therapists. Not only do they offer respite from the grind, it’s been proven through scientific studies that they help people recover quicker after surgery and with less medication. Following a stressful event, those who viewed a natural landscape had their vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure go back to normal faster as compared to observing a cityscape or something else. One can’t help but feel calm and at peace when they surround themselves with the instrinsic beauty of a lush water landscape! Liking owning a pet or maintaining close relationships, having your own waterscape is beneficial to your health.

2) It increases your home’s value!

Should you ever need or want to part with your home, a professionally installed waterscape could set your house apart from others on the market. It could be that one special thing that really motivates the buyer to decide on your property over someone else’s. Well-designed water features in the front spell desirable curb appeal, while pleasant ponds in the back add value just like a deck, patio or pool would. Not only does the flowing water have the potential to literally drown out annoying background noise from roads or neighbors, it puts the idea in the buyer’s head that your backyard could be a lovely place to entertain guests or spend time with family and friends.

3) It attracts all kinds of animal life!

When you host a waterscape in your front or backyard (or both!), it is not just the humans in your life who will benefit. The presence of fresh, easily accessible water will naturally attract all manner of salamanders, frogs, birds, bees and butterflies, who – like us – need it to live. Imagine how magical it would be to step into your yard and be greeted by the flitting of a hummingbird or buzz of a dragonfly hovering above a pool. You can up your chances of attracting a myriad of wildlife by incorporating small pools or baths into your garden, because critters take in water best from still surfaces, where they are safe.

4) It makes for a great locale to spend time with family!

Backyard water features are not just for those who live alone and desire a peaceful retreat. They also generate an attractive hub for guests, who will be wowed and impressed by your display! You’ll feel pride in the ownership of your home when you direct visitors to your beautiful backyard oasis, which supports creativity in gardening that goes beyond the typical sunflower or lily. Not a single soul will be able to escape the soothing effect of your impeccably designed waterscape. If young children are a concern, pondless options are available that still feature the amazing aesthetic and soothing sounds of more traditional features, with very little maintenance to boot!

5) It’s good for the environment!

With sobering talk of continual droughts and limited clean water in the world today, it may come as a surprise that, by investing in a water based landscape, you are in fact investing in environmental conservation. While a water feature typically requires gallons of water initially, over time it actually ends up using a lot less of this precious resource than the grass it replaced. Even a smaller water feature will produce big gains for the environment if that is what your budget, space or desire dictates. It is also good for your wallet when a home is well landscaped, because water tempers heat!