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Spring Cleanouts & Seasonal Services by Meyer Aquascapes

Meyer Aquascapes offers seasonal maintenance services such as spring cleanouts, fall and winter water garden maintenance and snow removal! Meyer Aquascapes truly is a one stop shop for all your water garden and landscaping needs!

Spring Cleanout

Lake Services

Snow Removal

We enjoy our waterfalls and pond all year long.  It’s such a huge part of our life, inside and out!

— Winston & Susie

Spring Cleanout: Starting in March

What is a Spring Cleanout?

When your water garden begins to come alive, you want to ensure that you give it a healthy start.  Performing a spring cleanout now creates an improved environment for your fish, plants and water quality.  Spring cleanouts are scheduled starting in early March and continue through the first of May.

Our service professionals will remove excess sludge/debris but will preserve some of the established organic matter in your water feature. The cleanout process will not result in “sparkling clean” rocks but it will leave you with a healthy pond that will be ready for an enjoyable low maintenance year.

What does a Spring Cleanout include?

  • Drain pond and place fish in an aerated container with original pond water
  • Power wash pond interior and stream/waterfall to remove debris
  • Divide and thin pond plants, if noted, and fertilize pond plants
  • Clean all filter mats, bioballs, biofall unit, skimmer and pump as needed
  • Replace the IonGen Probe, if necessary
  • Reseal waterfall and make necessary minor adjustments to rocks as needed
  • Maintain lighting system
  • Fill pond and add water conditioner and bacteria
  • Start system and perform a visual check of equipment operation
  • Check outside perimeter of pond for low spots, leaks and problems
  • Re-introduce fish back to pond

Estimated Labor Effort

Labor rates are estimated based on past customer cleanouts and are meant to give you an idea of the labor costs you will incur.  Every cleanout is different and presents unique challenges.  Water features that have not had routine maintenance may require more time due to excessive amounts of debris/sludge.  Therefore, it is likely that the labor charge for your water feature will not be exactly reflected in the categories below:

  • Average Pond :  3-5 Man Hours
  • Average Pondless Water Feature:  2-3 Man Hours

Cleanout Form & Information Sheet

Please view each form by clicking the button below.

To download or print, click the appropriate buttons on the top right of the screen after clicking the button.

2018 Spring Cleanout Form

2018 Spring Cleanout Information

Fall & Winter Services

Fall Maintenance Service

Fall is the time for our service professionals to do a little clean up work in your pond. Although the leaves might not have turned color just yet, we will make sure you are prepared for their ultimate drop into your pond. Installation of a pond net and cutting back the dying foliage of your aquatic plants will help to keep your water garden free of debris and make your spring clean-up much easier.

Fall Maintenance Service Form

Download the Fall Maintenance Service Form below:

2017 Fall Maintenance Service Form

We do the tough, grimy work done so you don’t have to!

Stay warm and comfortable, let our service professionals take care of your water feature!

Know your water garden is ready for Summer without a doubt!

Lake Services

Meyer Aquascapes offers full-service lake management for the control of algae, aquatic weeds, and shoreline grasses, as well as installation and maintenance of aquatic fountains and aerators.  We are able to meet the needs of commercial properties, community lake associations, golf courses and private lake owners.  Ask about our All-In-One Lake Care packages!

We will help you choose the right products for maintaining your pond in all seasons, we take care of our own!

You can be sure our water garden specialists will keep your water garden clean and fresh in all seasons regardless of weather.

When Winter hits, you want to be sure your investments are taken care of. Let us help you protect it!

Meyer Aquascapes offers much more than simply Water Garden design and installation, we also have snow removal services!

Snow Removal

Meyer Aquascapes is a specialized provider of commercial snow removal and deicing services.  Our experienced and dedicated professionals work hard to provide responsive, efficient and reliable snow removal and ice control services for commercial properties including:  manufacturing plants, retail centers, schools, churches and office complexes.  Contact Meyer Aquascapes today to find out how we can make your property snow and ice-free this winter!

We offer reasonably priced commercial snow removal service!

Our customers always vote us #1 for our snow removal services! Call us today and we will be more than happy to show you why.

Our snow removal services are fast, professional and detail oriented! We make sure the job is done quickly and correctly.

Meyer Aquascapes can help you get through those tough winter months. Contact us for a consultation!