The Aquascape UltraKlear UV Clarifier uses a technologically-advanced T5 high-output UVC bulb to eliminate green water.  The Clarifier features a swirl sleeve which directs the water around the UV bulb, maximizing contact time and increasing UV efficiency up to 50% over traditional UV clarifiers.  It is simple and easy to use, install and maintain and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Aquascape UltraKlean Pond Filters provide optimum water quality and crystal clear pond water.  The unique sponge-free design minimizes maintenance and maximizes efficient mechanical and biological filtration.  The simple-to-use cleaning feature allows the unit to be backwashed in less than five minutes without opening the canister or getting hands dirty.  It efficiently traps dirt and debris and integrates easily into new or existing ponds.  UltraKlean Pond Filters include a high-output UV clarifier and electronic bulb-saver function that eliminates green water caused by suspended algae.