The Science Behind Filtration

There are two forms of filtration critical to maintaining a healthy ecosystem pond:  mechanical and biological.  Through mechanical and biological filtration, ecosystem ponds will process fish waste, uneaten fish food, leaves and runoff from lawns.

In ecosystem ponds, mechanical filtration is provided by a pond skimmer and biological filtration is provided by a BioFalls Filter.

The advantage of choosing the right filter before you get started should not be underestimated. Aquascape takes an ecosystem approach to water gardening by using a Skimmer and BioFalls. The skimmer removes leaves and debris from the surface of the pond optimizing water quality. A BioFalls Filter performs two very important functions: it supports mechanical and biological filtration and is also a great start to any waterfall.

In some circumstances it is difficult to add a Skimmer and/or BioFalls to an existing system. In this situation we would recommend the use of a pressure filter, submersible pond filter or filter urn. These filters will retrofit quickly into existing systems and provide efficient biological and mechanical filtration.