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We have a 60,000 gallon pond with a waterfall. Our pump recently died due to a garden tool getting stuck in the filter area. We were wondering if we could forgo purchasing a new pump until spring since it’s already October and we usually turn the pump off around November anyway. Will not having the pump running for the next month have a negative impact on the ecosystem?

Just keep in mind you will need an aerator for oxygen when you have koi and/or goldfish in your pond. When the temp gets down to below 30 degrees you also need a Deicer to keep a hole in the ice for the toxic gasses to escape. These gasses will kill koi.


Use the EcoBlast on the rocks. Pull off the algae and then treat the rocks. Or turn off and let the sun bake the algae off. Remove it and don’t let it get into your basin. Or use MicrobeLift Algae way 5.4 on a regular gasin.

You could do a water exchange no more between 10 and 20%. Use a detoxifier if you use tap water. You have to use a bacteria in your pond to keep the ecosystem balance. A good ecosystem in a pond would consists of rocks and gravel, filtration system, a balanced number of fish, and plants. […]


Pond Filter Urn – Filtration Replacement Kit – Large

Pond Filter Urn – Filtration Replacement Kit – Large The Aquascape Large Pond Filter Urn Filtration Replacement Kit provides replacement biological and mechanical filer media for the Large Aquascape Pond Filter Urn.  The included Ceramic filtration rings and media net, providing substantial surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize.  The replacement filtration kit also included […]