How to Enhance Your Outdoor Space with a Water Fountain Installation

How to Enhance Your Outdoor Space with a Water Fountain Installation

A water fountain can be a perfect addition to your outdoor living space. It adds a stunning visual appeal, the soothing sound of flowing water, and a relaxing ambiance to your home.
The Beauty and Benefits of Natural Swim Pondsmeyer aquascapes

Natural Swim Pond Beauty and Benefits

You’ve probably heard of traditional swimming pools, but have you ever considered a natural swim pond?
Care for Koi

Caring for Koi in Spring: What You Need to Know

As spring blooms, it's time to start thinking about your koi pond care and how you can create the best environment for these beautiful fish. Taking proper care of koi is essential if you want to keep them healthy and enjoy watching them swim in their watery oasis.
All About Pond Features

All About Pond Features

From natural habitat ponds to ornamental backyard ponds, having a water feature in your outdoor space is a beautiful and rewarding way to bring nature to you. Ponds provide beauty, sound, texture and movement that can’t be matched by traditional landscaping projects such as pot plants or trees.
koi pond

All About Koi

A sight to behold, koi fish have become a symbol of serenity in ponds and gardens across the world...
Best Rocks for a Pond Installationmeyer aquascapes

Best Rocks for a Pond Installation

When selecting rocks for use around the pond, it’s important to pick options that are sturdy, durable, and non-toxic.
Importance of Spring Cleaning your Water Garden

Importance of Spring Cleaning your Water Garden

When the flowers bloom and birds start singing, spring is in full swing. The promise of good weather brings us outdoors to enjoy nature’s beauty and witness its blossoming rebirth; but have you considered just how important a role your water garden plays in this seasonal process?
Aquascapes Ideas

Aquascapes Ideas

Need some Aquascapes Ideas? If you are interested in making a statement with your lawn or garden, then consider adding an aquascape!
Best Fountains

Best Fountains for a Pond

Nothing sets the tone for a water garden like a beautiful, bubbling fountain!
spring pond cleanoutmeyer aquascapes

Spring Cleanout for Ponds

Spring is the perfect time to make sure your backyard pond is running smoothly. Jump start the season with a spring cleanout for ponds, an essential maintenance practice for any water feature.