These guides will teach you how to use the wide array of Aquascapes Pond & Water Garden products.

The Beauty of Water Lilies

beneficial bacteria ponds
Algae Control in Ponds: A Comprehensive Guide to a Pristine Water Garden
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How to Install a Homemade Pond Waterfall Guide

How to Install a Homemade Pond Waterfall Guide

Have you ever imagined listening to the tranquil sound of trickling water in your own backyard? Installing a pond waterfall can be an excellent way to create a calming outdoor space for you and your family. Not only will a backyard pond set the scene for relaxation, but it can also increase property value and improve curb appeal.
water wall

Water Wall - A Complete, Comprehensive Guide

A water wall is a type of wall that is designed to feature water in some way. This can include features like fountains, waterfalls, and even streams or small water bodies.
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Waterfall Installation

This is a waterfall installation guide for beginners. If you are looking to create a beautiful water feature in your yard, or add to a current design, this guide will help you get started.
All About the Filter Mat - Classic Series Standard and Large Pond Skimmers

All About the Filter Mat

One of the most important parts of your pond skimmer is the skimmer filter mat. The filter mat helps to remove debris and leaves from the water before they have a chance to clog up your pump or other parts of your skimmer.
How to install a pond pump

How to Install a Pond Pump

Installing a pond pump is not as difficult as it may seem. In this article, we will go over the basics of pond pump installation to help make the process as easy as possible.