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Spring Clean Out

Weather conditions can be very extreme in many parts of the country. Some years we get lucky and have a mild winter. Yet, we know that the warm weather early can fool you into believing spring is coming, but we can still get some cold weather in February and March and sometimes into April spring will arrive […]

Troubleshooting Your Aquascape Pump

Are you having trouble with your pump? The Aquascape Pro pumps   which include the SFA Pro pumps and the Tsurumi pumps carry a two year warranty. Warrantees are honored through whomever you purchased the pump from. AquaSurge Pumps carry a three year warranty and are high efficient but for average to low head elevations. But before […]

Planning: Pond Calculations

Here’s the rule of thumb for measurement of your pond. SQUARE FEET on the surface area. Rectangle length x width = Square feet of pond Circular 3.14 (1/2 diameter x 1/2 diameter) = square feet of surface NUMBER OF CUBIC FEET Rectangle average length x average width x average depth = volume in cubic feet […]

Facts: About Pumps

Not many people want to be involved in the mechanics of a pump because it can be too difficult to understand. But if you learn just a little it will help you understand the living, breathing ecosystem that is your pond. Pumps and plumbing make up the circulatory system of a water feature. More important, […]

The Pond’s Ecosystem

What is an ecosystem? An ecosystem encompasses all the parts of a living environment, including the plants and animals, AND the non-living components, such as water, air and the sun’s energy.  A pond’s ecosystem begins with the water as the base.  Everything found above the base is completely dependent, either directly or indirectly, on water. […]