Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Pond

Before discussing how to prepare your pond for winter, there is still time to participate in the spooky season. For those that are so inclined, a garden pond can be incorporated into your holiday decorating plans. The pond doesn’t have to be beautiful only during the spring and summer time. It can add that Spooktacular spice to your yard that will have the neighbors talking. Let’s discuss some potential ideas that you can use to have your pond participating in the holiday spirit and have your neighbors jealous that you have your very own garden pond.

For a more ghostly apparition that will get the neighbors talking, you can decorate with something as simple as a pair of gloves and some glowsticks. The gloves should be the rubber or neoprene and have no tears in it. The basic premise here is to take glowsticks that have been activated and to put them into the fingers of the gloves. Add a little air to them and tie them off so the gloves can float on top of the water. These halloween decorating tips will help give an appearance of a ghostly apparition that is hovering in your pond, on the verge of coming out to the surface.

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If you have a little more time and decorations available, you can spruce up the pond with some classic Halloween decorations. Nothing speaks scare like a few skeletons hanging out near the pond. It doesn’t even need to be the full skeleton either. If you have a few arms laying around, you can have them sneaking up around the pond or even make it look like they are emerging from the pond. If going for the later, be sure that the decorations do not touch the water or that they are safe for any pond fish if you do place them into the water. Our Halloween Decorating Tips can be fun!

Lastly, the simplest of the ideas that you can use for your pond is the classic Jack o lantern. Having a few of them placed around your pond with their mouths and eyes grinning as they glow will be a welcome addition to any pond. For added safety, LED lights can be used to light your pumpkins and photosensitive triggers can be setup to light them up when the sun goes down. Worry free and maintenance free spooky decorations for your Halloween celebration. Don’t forget to retrieve your LEDs when the celebrations end. If you need help with LED setups, ask our professionals for assistance on what you will need to achieve this effect when it comes to Halloween Decorating Tips!

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