How to Install a Garden Watering System Using a Water Feature

Garden watering systems are an ideal way to keep your plants and lawn healthy while conserving water. With the right products and know-how, you can easily set up a water feature that provides efficient irrigation while also adding aesthetic appeal to your space. offers a wide selection of high-quality components for creating outdoor water features. Depending on the size of your yard and the type of garden watering system you’re looking for, there’s bound to be something in their catalog that fits the bill. As an example, their flagship AquaSurge® Pro pumps are designed with advanced hydraulic design technology that enables consistent performance even when dealing with challenging plumbing configurations or variable flow requirements. This versatility makes them perfect for any size garden or landscape environment, whether you’re looking to create a small pondless waterfall or an impressive large-scale fountain display.

To ensure your water feature is set up properly, be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions and local building codes before beginning the installation process. Start by digging out holes for each component—the pump, skimmer, liner(s), reservoir, filter—and then run piping between them accordingly using appropriate fittings and clamps to secure it all together. Once everything is connected, fill the reservoir with water until it reaches its desired level and make sure all components are functioning properly before finishing off with soil and gravel as desired.

1. Choose the Right Water Feature for Your Garden Watering System:

Before beginning the installation process of a garden watering system, it is important to select the right water feature for your specific space. offers a variety of high-quality components that can be used to create beautiful outdoor water features, ranging from smallThe first step in installing a garden watering system using a water feature is choosing the right water feature for your garden. You can choose from a wide range of options, including waterfalls, fountains, misters, bubblers, and sprinklers. Consider the size of your garden and the amount of water you want to use when selecting the water feature that will work best for you.

2. Design Your Water Feature:

Meyer Aquascapes offers a variety of high-quality products to enhance any outdoor water feature, such as their FLEXXFLO™ Variable Flow Control Valve. This valve is designed to perfectly regulate the flow and pressure of water in a garden watering system, enabling you to customize the rate and duration at which water is delivered to your plants or landscape. The valve also includes an adjustable regulator knob which allows for even more precise control over the flow rate and other parameters such as start/stop times, cycle length, and more. In addition, FLEXXFLO™ has been engineered with stainless steel components for maximum durability and longevity.

3. Add a Pump and a Timer:

The next step is to add a pump to your water feature. A pump is essential for distributing water to the plants effectively. Make sure that the pump is the appropriate size for your water feature and garden. You’ll also need a timer to control the amount of water used in your garden and avoid water waste. Consider using a solar-powered timer to conserve energy.

4. Connect the Water Feature to a Hose:

Once you have installed the pump and the timer, it’s time to connect the water feature to a hose. Use a hose connector and a rubber seal to secure the connection. Test the hose and water feature to make sure everything is working correctly.

5. Set Up the Watering System:

The final step is to set up the watering system. Adjust the flow of water to suit your garden’s needs and set the timer to water your plants at the appropriate times. Make sure the water feature is well-maintained and cleaned regularly to avoid clogging.

In conclusion, installing a garden watering system using a water feature is an excellent way to save time and water while keeping your garden beautiful and healthy. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can set up a functional and attractive watering system that will meet your plants’ water requirements efficiently. So, go ahead and try it out; your garden will thank you!

Garden Watering System

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