Backyard Water Feature Inspiration

Beautiful backyards create additional living space on your property. Perhaps you’ve added a deck or patio to your backyard for outdoor dining and entertaining. Why not take your outdoor living space to the next level by adding the soothing sights and sounds of water to your landscape?

When adding a backyard water feature, you want to make sure you place it in a location where you can most enjoy it. Close to a patio or deck is ideal. You can open up the windows and listen to the waterfall from inside your home.

Locating a pond near your patio also provides a convenient place to feed your finned friends if you decide to have them. Finding a comfortable spot where you can place chairs, and have a relaxing atmosphere is important to having the perfect backyard paradise.

Water Feature Bridge Ideas

When designing a backyard pond, waterfall, or stream, consider adding a stone bridge or stepping stones to reach yet another viewing area of the pond. You’ll enjoy seeing your water feature from all angles.

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Entertainment, Dining and More!

Sometimes all you need is a simple bench or chair to enjoy the view of your water feature. Be sure to include landscape plants that soften the edges of a pond or waterfall and help to transition the feature into the rest of the yard.

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Enjoy the Elements

Fire and water are a popular landscape combination. Consider locating your fire pit near your water feature for maximum benefits of both elements. Ponds and waterfalls truly add a special element to beautiful backyards. No other form of landscape creates such amazing vistas and soothing sounds. Make this summer the year that you add the element of water to your outdoor living space. You’ll wonder why you waited so long!

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