Most Efficient Pond Aerating Fountains

Most Efficient Pond Aerating Fountains

An efficient pond aerating fountain keeps your pond clean and clear by putting oxygen back into the water, which keeps algae growth to a minimum. It also inhibits the breeding of mosquitoes, while promoting a healthy aquatic environment for fish and visiting wildlife. Another bonus is that it also prevents odors normally associated with stagnant water.


Aerating fountains, pond and pool aerators, water circulators and even pond de-icers are names often incorrectly used interchangeably for a device used to add oxygen back into pond, lake or pool water. Water circulators and de-icers move stagnant water, primarily to prevent ice damage, but are not designed for aeration. Pond aeration is the addition of oxygen to standing water due to depletion as a result of aquatic, algae and plant life consumption.

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What to Look For

A one-quarter horsepower or hp aerating fountain will efficiently aerate up to a one-fifth acre pond. A one-quarter to one acre pond should have a one-half hp aerator. Aerators are also available in three-quarter, one and two hp. When purchasing an aerator, the package will list the appropriate hp for the size of pond you have. To determine the size of aerator you need, use a pond sizing calculator, don’t guess. If you choose an aerator too small for the pond, the efficiency is greatly reduced, so always err on the side of greater hp.

How to Determine Efficiency

Efficiency is determined by the oxygen transfer rate, which is based on the volume of water in your pond and the amount of horsepower of the aerator. An efficient aerator transfers 3 pounds of oxygen per horsepower per hour. The aerator should remain efficient even when the water level drops, though it is not wise to operate the unit in less than 12 to 15 inches of water. The constant circulation of shallow water ultimately stirs up sediment from the bottom of the pond, which eventually clogs the filter, drastically reducing the aerator’s efficiency.

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Recommended Maintenance

To improve the efficiency of your aeration system, it’s a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and procedures. Because the unit is sitting in water 100 percent of the time, proper installation and maintenance not only keeps your warranty intact, it also prolongs the life of the system. Never enter a pond with an operating aerator, because of the potential for shock if the cord has degraded in any way.