Troubleshooting Rolling Bubbles Inside Vault: What Could It Be?

If you’ve recently turned on your pondless fountain or water feature and noticed rolling bubbles inside the vault, it can be a puzzling sight. While fountains and water features are designed to create a tranquil and serene environment, unexpected bubbling can disrupt the visual appeal. In this blog post, we will explore the possible reasons for rolling bubbles inside your vault and offer some troubleshooting tips to help you restore the peaceful ambiance to your outdoor space.

Why Are There Rolling Bubbles Inside the Vault?

Rolling bubbles inside the vault can have several causes, and understanding these reasons is the first step in resolving the issue. Let’s explore some common factors that might be contributing to this phenomenon:

1. Air Entrapment: One of the primary reasons for rolling bubbles is the entrapped air in the plumbing or around the pump. Air pockets in the system can disrupt the smooth flow of water, leading to bubbling.

2. Water Level: Inadequate water levels in the basin or reservoir can cause turbulence as the pump draws in air instead of water. This can lead to the formation of bubbles.

3. Pump Size: Using an improperly sized pump for your pondless fountain can create excessive turbulence and bubbling, as it may push more water than the feature can handle.

4. Plumbing Issues: Check for obstructions, kinks, or restrictions in the tubing leading from the pump to the fountain. Debris or blockages in the plumbing can cause turbulence.

5. Water Features: If your water feature has additional components like waterfalls, streams, or fountains, inspect the plumbing and connections in these areas. Leaks or disruptions can cause bubbles.

Troubleshooting Rolling Bubbles Inside the Vault:

Now that we’ve identified some potential causes, let’s explore the steps you can take to troubleshoot and address the issue:

1. Check the Water Level: Ensure that the water level in the basin is at the appropriate level to adequately cover the pump inlet. Low water levels can lead to bubbling as air is drawn into the system.

2. Inspect for Air Entrapment: Check all connections and tubing for air leaks or loose fittings. Ensure that the pump is fully submerged in water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for priming the pump if required.

3. Adjust the Pump: If your pump has adjustable flow settings, consider reducing the flow rate. Lower flow rates can sometimes help reduce turbulence and bubbling.

4. Turn off the Pump: To rule out pump-related issues, turn off the pump and observe whether the bubbling continues. If it does, the issue may be with the plumbing or water feature itself.

5. Professional Assistance: If you’ve tried the above steps and are still experiencing rolling bubbles, it may be time to consult us directly. We can assess your specific setup and provide tailored solutions.

Conclusion: Rolling bubbles inside your vault can disrupt the tranquility of your pondless fountain or water feature. However, by identifying the potential causes and following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this blog post, you can effectively address the issue and restore the serene ambiance of your outdoor space. Remember that proper maintenance and periodic inspections are essential to ensuring the smooth operation of your water feature. With a little patience and diligence, you can enjoy your pondless fountain as intended, free from unexpected bubbles.

Rolling Bubbles

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