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Planting Your Water Garden

  Whether you have just finished installing a new water garden or you are in the planning stages, you must decide what type and how many plants you are going to install. Aquatic plants aren’t just used in the water garden to provide beauty and naturalization – they also serve the very important function of […]

How Does the IonGen™ Work?

™The IonGen™ G2 electronic water clarifier for Ponds, Pondless® Waterfalls and other decorative water features drastically reduces maintenance of  string algae without the use of chemicals. Significantly decreases string algae that normally attaches to the rocks and gravel throughout the stream, waterfall, and pond. Now EPA Approved for maintenance of string algae. Not a chemical water treatment. Safe to […]

What to do about algae?

CONTROLLING YOUR ALGAE… Algae control is often considered to be “the biggest headache in water gardening.” Let’s break this whole issue down, and then give you a real simple solution that you can take out into your own backyard and successfully expect to win the pea green soup war.  Algae can help balance the food […]

Rain Water Harvesting with the Aquascape RainXchange System

As a nation, we are focusing on preserving our environment and resources by “going green”.  Protecting and preserving our most precious resource…Water. Clean water is a necessity of all life and the easiest resource to pollute.  One of the easiest ways to help save the environment is to build a rain garden.  A typical rain […]

Pond/Lake Management – Proactive Vs. Reactive

(Note: Click on red underlined products and it will take you to that product on the website) Up until the last few years, most pond owners have relied on REACTIVE pond management practices to keep their ponds clear of excessive, unwanted, aquatic growth.  They’ve traditionally waited for the problem to appear then treated it chemically.  […]

Planning Your Pond

Getting Started Building a water garden should be a fun, creative and enjoyable process. You will be creating an Ecosystem which when created properly will eliminate lots of the hassle of maintaining a water garden. When you purchase a complete pond or pondless kit, which means items from the same manufacturer, you will save yourself lots […]

Container Water Gardens

It’s a small world – container water gardens are the perfect fit! What’s holding you back from digging a hole and adding a perfectly peaceful aquatic paradise to your backyard?  Is it the price? The size? The uncertainty of it all? Will you even like adding water gardening to your list of outdoor hobbies?  How […]

Understanding Lake Management

Not many years ago, the only products used for pond and lake management were chemicals like copper sulfate.   Although you get short-term results with these products, they are Reactive in nature and will not provide long-term results when used exclusively.   The problem with Reactive approach to pond management is that the longer you practice it, […]

Pondless® Waterfalls

The hottest tread in landscaping!  We have the equipment available for the do-it-yourself installer or the pro installer who wants to purchase and install a Pondless® Waterfall.   What is a Pondless waterfall? Yes it is what you think it is a waterfall with no pond and no fish.  You know not everyone wants a […]