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Koi Pond Setup

Pond Setup for Koi

Koi are the more sophisticated version of their wild versions which are common carp. Carp are traditionally native to Europe and Asia.
The habitat of carp are lakes, streams and ponds with mud near the bottom and minimal water flow. They can be found in temperate and tropical areas and they like water temperatures over 70 degrees F.
Carp are most active in the dim lit hours near dusk and dawn but they will forage for food at all times of day.
Achieving these living conditions for your new Koi is not a hard task.

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Koi Pond Setup
Koi prefer temperatures between 74 to 86 degress F year-round. For areas where it is colder, a heater system will keep them from freezing and protect your valuable fish.
A small stream or waterfall is fine for your Koi but they do not require an water flow to be happy.
For the pH of your pond water, it should be kept between 6 and 9. Crushed limestone can be used to help maintain the pH levels in your garden pond.
For best results, a Koi pond with concrete and rubber lining are best. For the bottom of the pond, a substrate that mimics a mud consistency will have your Koi feeling right at home.

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A beautiful outdoor water garden will give the best result for a pond setup. The plants should be non-invasive so they don’t damage the natural ecosystem for your new Koi friends.
The best plants for your water garden will included:
* pickerels
* floating pondweed
* water lilies
* cattails
* water hyacinth
* duckweed and more
Willows and other shade trailing trees around your water garden pond are recommended by other garden pond owners. These will help to provide extra shade and cover for your fish.

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How big should your Koi pond be?
250 gallons of water is the minimum for keeping a Koi in a pond. A school of Koi may require over 1000 gallons of water.
Ten gallons of water is needed for every inch of fully grown Koi as a rule of thumb. This same rule can be applied to other fish as well. Because Koi can reach 3 feet in length, this means that 250 gallons is the absolute minimum for one adult.

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