10 Tips On How-To Spice Up Your Pond Design

So you have your backyard pond design completed and installed. Here are some tips on how to customize your design, whether it be with different foilage options to different fish, or coloring your pond with underwater lighting changes. There are many ways to make your professionally installed pond look entirely different. Let’s take a look at some of these options together; some can be installed by you, and some must be installed by your certified aquascaping contractor.

pondless waterfall construction


Surface pond plants must be chosen carefully to provide a pleasing effect. These pond plants must not overhang the edge of the pond nor clog filters and pumps. Plant small flowering varieties in pots or planters, one plant per pot for best results. For unplanted areas, use evergreens: Junipers and arborvitae work well together.

The final pond design tip is to remember that there are no limits. You can always make your pond bigger or smaller depending on preference and the layout will adapt to any space you have for it. It’s all up to you how it will look!

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