How To Use The Aquascape Smart Dosing System XT

The Aquascape Smart Dosing System XT is the most advanced, computerized doser available for saltwater aquariums. Capable of dose rates as high as 60 grams per hour, this unit can mix an array of chemicals into any size system at a rate unmatched by standard metering pumps. It uses cutting-edge microprocessor technology to precisely meter out up to six different chemicals simultaneously. The Aquascape Smart Dosing System XT features easily adjustable dosages through its LCD screen interface, enabling you to dial in your exact specifications. Best of all it works with Aquaforest’s line of pure salts! You can use this doser with ALL Aquaforest salts (including magnesium, calcium, trace elements and reef salts) as well as all of the additives that Aquaforest offers.

The Aquascape® SMART Dosing System® XT is a fully automated dosing system for saltwater and reef aquariums. It allows precise dosing of up to six different chemical compounds simultaneously with adjustable dosing rates from 1-150 gph (4-600 lph). It also features an on-board memory capable of storing 20 programmable dosing profiles. The system is fully controllable via USB connection to your computer, or it can be used with our optional wireless remote control unit.

This unit comes assembled and ready to use; simply mount it in an appropriate location, connect the tubing and its electrical power. The smart doser is accurate to +/- 5% in dose accuracy, and can be used in a variety of applications ranging from small fish only systems up through large reef systems.

Top fill reservoir with easy access for quick servicing

Programmable feed intervals from 15 minutes to 24 hours

Fully programmable via USB connection to computer or wireless remote control (optional)

Up to six different additives can be accurately dispensed simultaneously.

Easily adjustable from 1-150 gph (4-600 lph).

Each reservoir holds approximately 11 oz.

Available dosers: Calcium, Magnesium, Ammonia Remover 50%, Carbonate Buffer, Alkalinity Incre 40%, Phosphates Remover 50% , Reef Buffer 70%

We recommend a one-time initial dosing of all additives, cleaning of the reactors and a water change prior to adding fish. We also highly recommend you run this system with either GFO or carbon for best results.

Please keep in mind that this unit requires electrical power at all times. It is not recommended for use with solar power due to the constant need for power to dose chemicals 24/7/365 without stopping. Please also note that if you plan on using the wireless remote control that the battery life will be greatly reduced as it’s constantly sending signals back and forth between itself and your computer screen. The batteries are replaceable but it will need to be charged by USB connection every 4-6 weeks.

The Aquaforest line of pure salts is formulated to the highest quality and purity standards possible. Every product comes with a certificate of analysis (COA) guaranteeing each chemical’s identity, purity and concentration. The advanced packaging ensures that even when the bag is opened, every salt particle remains as dry and fresh as if they were still in their original container. We guarantee all Aquaforest products to be free from silicates, phosphates, nitrates and other undesirables!

The AQUASCAPE SMART Dosing System XT allows you to dose up to six additives into any size system at one time without the need for multiple dosing pumps or power sources. It can accurately meter out up to 150gph (600L/h) of chemical, making it the most efficient and cost effective dosing solution on the market today.

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