Designing Your Landscape Pond

If you are thinking of buying an outdoor fountain, here are some common questions that many people have.

Question: How much water is needed to operate the outdoor water fountain?

Answer: It depends on the water pump you purchase. You can find water pumps that have a water flow rate of 64 gallons per hour or more. If your water feature has low water pressure, using an aerating water pump will help increase your water pressure. An average yard with grass and plants typically needs 500 – 750 gallons of water per day to function properly.

Question: Will my outdoor water fountain freeze during the winter months?

Answer: Outdoor fountains are made from different types of materials, including copper, steel, aluminum, marble, stone, etc., therefore each type of material reacts differently to weather conditions. While some materials may crack due to freezing temperatures outdoors it is possible to insulate water fountains.

Question: How do I keep the water clean in my outdoor water fountain?

Answer: Outdoor water fountains are different from indoor water fountains because they are exposed to the environment. Most outdoor water features require routine maintenance, an outdoor water feature is not simply plugging it in and forgetting about it. Water should be drained out of the water feature at least once a month to avoid algae growth inside the basin or bowl of your water fountain, this will also help extend the life of your pump. If you have fish in your pond make sure you change their water every couple of weeks which can help keep them healthy. Outdoor water fountains need to be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis to avoid water clarity issues.

Question: How do water features work?

Answer: The water that will be used in outdoor water fountains can come from a water hose or water supply, if you have a pond it is best to use the water from your pond as they often contain minerals and nutrients which will improve water quality inside your water fountain. Water fountains operate by gravity flow, this means that the water feature requires an elevated higher point for water to start flowing out of the spout or nozzle. These items are usually placed at the top of these pieces which causes them to shoot up into the air over 30 feet high depending on the pump and nozzle.

Question: What should I consider before purchasing an outdoor water fountain?

Answer: When buying outdoor fountains there are many factors to consider. Where you plan on placing the water feature is very important, water fountains can range in size and it is important to know where they will fit once you bring them home. Also, water features can come with different water pumps so make sure your water pump fits the water fountain nicely or if they require any special voltages before making a purchase. It is also good to note that outdoor water fountains should be placed in an area not too close to trees as falling leaves could clog up your water feature.

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