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Things to consider before buying a garden water feature

Before you invest in a garden water feature to fill up that empty outdoor space and add a wow factor to your property, there are many logistics to consider. It includes right from the supply of water to the general maintenance. Here are some things you should consider first.

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Making water supply available

It is not necessary to always have a water supply. Of-the-shelf water features are self-contained with a need to top them up with water occasionally. If your garden water feature has moving water, you will need to invest in a water pump and an electric supply to drive the pump. Alternatively, you can build a water feature with a solar-powered pump as well. Pretty much all water features with moving water will require a water pump with an electric or solar-powered energy supply to help the pump drive the water.

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Maintaining water features

Think about future maintenance and cleaning. Water will get contaminated with dust, algae, leaves, dirt. So you’ll need to know how to drain it, dismantle it and clear out. Thinking about this in advance will help better plan your placement of garden water features. For instance, if it is installed under a tree, leaves are likely to fall and accumulate in the water, which will mean even more maintenance.

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Selecting the type and style of water feature

Consider the background settings to determine the overall style and design aspect of the water features. Classic water features like a fountain or a waterfall may look good if it’s placed amongst plants. If the settings are modern, then water feature style will also have to be modern, like glass, but an older style like cherubs will look out of place in a modern setting. Another option is worth having a look at is lighting the water. In such a case, it’s better to opt for water features with an in-build lighting option else; you may have to spend extra on setting up different lights. Lighting can make the water features look good in all seasons throughout the day.