Water Garden Tools

Solar Powered Water Features for the Garden

Nothing can complement water more than a lovely beautiful sunlight. Water along with sunlight is what really makes up a beautiful summer day. Ancient water features were powered using gravitational forces, human power or animals to pump in the water. Since the 18th century, the majority of water features have been powered by pumps. In the modern garden features the source of power is almost always electricity. As more and more people become aware of alternate installation methods, there is an increasing range of innovative designs in market running on alterante sources of energy like solar power. The advantages of using solar power include environmental benefits, no electrical lines in the garden, and free energy.

Water Garden Tools

Solar water features combine the beauty of sunlight and water by using the sun to run their submersible pumps, which send water tumbling downward to the basin and back up to the top again. The same natural looking resilient materials used to make other regular fountains are used to build these solar powered water features, however, these water come without the ugly looking cables. One of the biggest advantages of using solar powered water features is there is no cost on electricity as sun being a natural resource. A Solar with Battery Backup fountain even includes a battery to save up energy for nights and cloudy days.

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Solar water features free from the electrical cords present a great amount of flexibility in regards to their placement in garden as they are no longer limited due to constraints of wires and cables. These solar powered water features help you in making your little bit of contribution towards the environment. With solar powered water features in your backyard garden your outdoor space will truly be one with nature.

Solar water features provide beautiful additions to any landscaping or garden. With great flexibility offered by solar water features, you can customize the placement of water features in many ways. You can choose from a plethora of water features such as solar powered fountains, waterfalls, lightning. All of these run on pure solar energy thanks to solar panels and help to add beauty to your garden.