Algae Control in Ponds: A Comprehensive Guide to a Pristine Water Garden

Water Pumps for your Garden Pond

Water Pumps for your Garden Pond

Water pumps are one of the most crucial features of the garden pond. Although a static garden pond pump isn’t an absolute necessity, a pump is required when we install a fountain, waterfall, and filter. A water pump helps to keep the circulation of water. Water circulation helps to keep the fish and plants healthy. Water circulation helps in the prevention of algae build-up, breeding of mosquitoes, and stagnation of water. Water circulation also helps in the proper distribution of oxygen levels throughout the garden pond system.

Choosing a correct pump for your garden pond is very essential.


There are following types of pumps for Garden pond

Submersible Pond Pumps

These pumps are fully submerged under water normally at the deepest area of the pond. They are a very economical solution for a small size pond and make a perfect fit for garden ponds. Submersible pumps are excellent for ponds with fish as all the electrical parts are well isolated from water, thus reducing the risk of oil spill or an electrical accident. The water intake pipe attached to filter helps to clean the water before it is delivered to the pool by the outlet pipe. These pumps come in many different sizes.

External or Centrifugal Pond Pumps

These pumps are installed outside the pond usually in a dry location. They are easier to maintain. These pumps are suitable for larger ponds. Compared to submersible pumps they do make a lot of noise.

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Selecting the right pump for your Garden Pond

Garden pond pumps are measured by Gallons Per Hour. It’s recommended that the pond water is circulated every hour. So, if you have a pond with a water volume of 1800 gallons then you would require a pump with 1800 Gallons Per Hour. However, if your pond has fish and other aquatic animals you may have to select a larger pump with a capacity at least twice the volume of water in the garden pond.

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Choosing the right kind of pump for your garden pond will help to keep your pond clean and healthy. We at Aquascapes can help you to select a pump that’s the right fit for your Garden pond needs with our expertise and experience. You can also check various water pump products in our catalog here.