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Garden Pond Care in Winter

Appropriate pond care in winter is extremely important. As the winter season now commences in full swing, things in your garden pond come to a halt. The fishes go into hibernation mode. You shut down your pumps and filters. However, the debris that was collected during the pre-winter months continues to decompose releasing gases into the water. These gases also fuel algae growth. Adding to the complexity, a sheet of ice forms over the water trapping the fish and water beneath it. As the oxygen level decreases due to fish consuming it, the level of toxic gases goes on increasing due to the debris, creating an extremely harmful environment for the fish.

year around water garden construction

One of the ways is to provide an air hole on the surface of the water so that the fish can survive in winter. Even though the fish go into hibernation in the winter months, they still need oxygen to survive the winter season. If you turn your filters off for the winter, you’ll need to supply oxygen with a pond aerator or a small recirculating pump. Such an aerator should be ideally placed on a shelf in the pond. It will help to maintain the hole on ice while adding oxygen to the pond. Aquascape provides the best in class pond aerator kits for your garden pond.

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If you live in an area where climates are colder for a longer duration of time, you may have to use a de-icer along with an aerator. This will help to maintain the hole on surface ice which allows the gases to escape from the water.

When the temperature drops below 50 degress F , the metabolism of the fish drops. Hence, it’s ideal to stop feeding the fish below this temperature as it may prove very harmful for the fish. Following the above guidelines will definitely help you in pond care in winter.