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White Noise, Koi, Children, Guests and More!

One of the best parts about owning a garden pond is that it generates noise. This background noise is white noise, which drowns out background sounds such as loud traffic. If you live by a school, the relaxing sounds of a backyard, or front yard, waterscape is going to fit in perfectly with your landscape. With unimaginable design potentials, we can create the perfect design to fit your needs. Would you like children to be able to play in your waterscape? How about fish or wildlife? Perhaps water plants are more your thing.

Koi are a popular fish for water gardens. They are great for water plants because they love to eat them, but also help keep the water clean by eating algae and other water plant waste. These beautiful creatures will keep you entertained, not to mention your guests and family!

When the winter sets in, most ponds freeze over, so we like to keep them drained. However, there are ways to keep your pond functioning during the cold winter months. There are water heaters available that attach into your water garden to keep the fish alive, or to continue to run through the winter months.

Once you get all of this figured out, sit back and enjoy nature’s greatest tranquilizer: water lapping against rocks with a waterfall sound.

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Water Garden Mental Health

One of our favorite things when it comes to water gardens is the aquascape itself! We enjoy creating new designs for the backyard, frontyard, or your neighbor’s yard, if you want! These are peaceful, relaxing landscaping options that are overlooked quite often due to the price.

Generally when speaking, an installation is going to cost several thousand dollars. These aren’t the cheap float pools you find online! We work with you on designs, or if you have something in mind, we’ll come together to create something truly magical!

Wake up and be inspired every morning.

Are you creative? This is a fantastic way to enjoy your workflow without it being too much of a distraction. After COVID many people are working from home. Even though working from home comes with its own enjoyments, one of the biggest is quite literally your workspace! Imagine looking outside to one of these beautiful aquascapes of your own!

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A Few Notes About Garden Fish Ponds Designs

If you are filling your landscape pond with water lilies, then put in only four types if you plan to have both floating and potted varieties because they tend not to grow well together. Also, be sure that you do not let trumpet vine or honeysuckle vines trail into your garden ponds because these can become invasive at some point down the road.

These landscape pond ideas should help get your creative juices going so that landscape pond designing doesn’t seem too difficult. Just relax and let the landscape flow from your mind onto paper. You can use these landscape pond design photos as a guideline for landscape garden ponds landscaping, but add in some personal touches of landscape planting!

Corporate Water Feature Installation

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