Best way to Maintain Water Features in Garden

Having water features in your garden, whether small or large, gives an utmost sense of calm and tranquillity. To keep these water features as smooth as possible for a long time, it’s essential to regularly maintain water features in garden like pond, waterfall, fountain.

water pond maintenance tips

Water Filters:

Water filters are an essential component of a healthy pond ecosystem. Filters help to process fish waste, uneaten fish food, leaves, and runoff from lawns. It is recommended to choose the right filter right before you start building the water features. If the water features are already built, it is difficult to add a skimmer or bio falls. In such a case, a submersible pond filter can be used. You can check some of our filter products here.

Water cleansing:

If the water is dark in colour, there is a chance that there is a crud at the pond’s bottom. In such a scenario, it is better to do a full-scale cleaning of the pond water. Empty the pond water into the surrounding landscape. With the help of a garden hose, rinse the rocks and gravel. Once the pond is cleaned, you can remove the water pump and fill the pond again.

Plants trimming

Skim and trim the leaves and plants in the garden every week. This helps to keep debris to a minimum. Control the spread of algae. Floating plants limit sunlight allowing to check the growth of algae. Additives can also be used to reduce algae growth.

Regular checks

Conducting regular checks on equipment like pumps and filters to ensure they are free of clogs and debris helps them operate properly. Test the water regularly, especially if you have fish, as excessive amounts of chemicals like ammonia and chlorine can affect their health.

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Keep the water moving.

Circulating the water with a pump, waterfall, or fountain will help avoid mosquito larvae from hatching to maintain water hygiene. Moving water also helps to distribute and support the oxygen levels throughout the pond for fish. Install features like small waterfalls or streams which help to keep the circulation of water. For proper circulation, choose the right kind of pump for your pond. We have different collections of water pumps which you can choose from with the help of our experts.

Garden pond tips

Seasonal pond care

Fluctuations in seasons require different maintenance of ponds. What you do with your pond during this seasonal transition depends mostly on where you live. If your area experiences long periods of freezing weather, you may consider shutting down the water flow or adding a floating de-icer. You can choose to keep water running, but do ensure that an ice dam does not form. Here are a few products to consider, as you plan for seasonal pond care going into the fall and winter months.

Following the above recommendations can easily help you maintain water features in your garden.