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Different Water Features for Your Garden

Having water features in the garden adds an entirely different dimension of calm and serenity. Moving or still, water is peaceful to look at. It makes you and your guests feel good over a gathering in the garden. A garden water feature could be as simple as a water pool or a complex mechanism like a waterfall with a fish pond. Here are some of the water features that you can install in your garden.

Fish Ponds

These are small to medium-sized ponds build to fit in your garden. Various varieties of fish can be added to such ponds like goldfish and koi. The critical thing to keep in mind while selecting fishes for a pond is to avoid rival and predatory species. Fish added the colours of nature to your pond. Fish will require life-sustaining mechanisms in your pond, like the supply and circulation of oxygen by installing pumps and filters.

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These water features come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Regardless to say, a fountain adds an extra charm and beauty to your garden. The beautiful sound of water splashing along with its stunning architectural looks makes water fountains a very appealing water feature for the garden. Fountains do come with an increase in the cost of installing mechanisms like pumps for creating a sustainable water flow.

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Waterfalls are a prevalent water feature for gardens. Waterfalls can be added to an existing pond or fish pond to make it more appealing. Like fountains, it adds the splashing sound of water to your garden. Waterfall gives a very relaxing and soothing effect on the mind. One can easily relax beside a garden waterfall after a hard day of work and get revitalized. It usually is creating by adding stones and boulders and adding a water flow. Like a fountain, a waterfall requires mechanisms to maintain constant water flow like pumps and filters. Adding a waterfall to a garden pond can also help to keep the water clean as it’s continuously flowing.

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Garden Streams

Streams can be easily created in the garden along pathways or around pools. Water streams are normally created as a part of the overall garden water feature and a waterfall and a garden pond. The water from streams is made to flow in a waterfall, which then gets flowed into a garden pond. Different plants can be grown along a stream and garden pond to provide a small natural aquatic habitat for visual aesthetic purposes.

With years of experience, our experts can help you create any water features in your garden customized to your needs.

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