Transforming Backyards with Aquascapes

It’s nearly Spring, and you’re probably already thinking about sprucing up the backyard! Perhaps you’ve thought about adding a new vegetable garden, or maybe a new flower bed? Better yet, you might be thinking about a glorious water feature that you can enjoy through the relaxing evenings after a warm day, listening to the sounds of running water and soothing sights surrounded by the beauty of nature itself. Let’s spur your creativity and glance over a few of the most recent backyard transformations!

Relax, Refresh, and Renew

Perhaps we are just a little bit biased, but we personally think every yard looks better with a water feature! Imagine having to mow all this grass in the hot weather, getting all sweaty and stinky (no bueno)… Instead, you could be sitting on the bench admiring a stunningly beautiful pond and waterfall instead!

Soothe Your Soul

Transforming a backyard with a waterfall, or even just a pond, it’s usually best to go ahead and put it near a patio or deck so you can enjoy your water feature up-close! You’ll be able to hear the calming water from inside the house when you leave the windows open on the cooler days. Check out the image below; a small tree was transplanted, but it was worth it! Another successful project!

Become Closer with Nature

Think about that unused corner of your backyard near the patio is just wasted space (and an endless battle of weed pulling… ugh…). Adding a gorgeous waterfall adds such beauty and removes the problem of dirty nails and sweaty backs from pulling up weeds that shoot right up!

Set Yourself Apart

Even if you don’t want to have fish in your pond, you can have a Pondless Waterfall that can also be used to transform your backyard! In this picture, you can see the hill has lent itself perfectly to creating cascades of water.

Transform Your Backyard

If you don’t have a hill, you can always build one with soil used to excavate the waterfall! The rush of water is great for blocking unwanted noises such as nearby traffic, yappy dogs, or even noisy children.

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