How To Plant A Waterlily

If you are looking to add a splash of color to your pond, consider planting a waterlily. Waterlilies come in a variety of colors, so you can find one that will perfectly match your pond’s decor. They are also easy to care for, and they will add a splash of color to your pond all season long. Follow these simple steps to plant a waterlily in your pond today:

1. Choose a spot in your pond where the water is at least 18 inches deep.

2. Dig a hole that is big enough to fit the pot that the waterlily comes in.

3. Place the pot in the hole, and fill it with soil up to the top of the pot.

4. Gently place the waterlily in the pot, and pack soil around it so that it is secure.

5. Add a few inches of water over the base of the plant.

6. You can also add a little fertilizer to promote growth and color.

7. Keep your pond at least 18 inches deep, as it will need to be this depth so that the waterlily has room for its roots to live in without being flooded or overcrowded.

8. Make sure you keep your pond well-maintained throughout the season with regular cleaning and debris removal so that there is always clean water available to your plant.

9 . Don’t let leaves fall into the water because they will cause an ammonia spike which could lead to a loss of all life in your pond, including that of your lovely new waterlily!

10 . Enjoy your wonderful new addition to your pond!

Planting these plants is an easy process, and once you do it once, you’ll never go back to the old way of adding lilies to your pond! Follow these simple steps, and your waterlily will be added in no time!

For more information on how to plant a water lily in your pond, contact your local plant supply!

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