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Things to remember for Garden Pond Maintenance

Garden ponds of all sizes need regular maintenance. Mostly they need to be looked after every week. Various factors affect the pond’s maintenance, such as the materials from which the pond is constructed, if fishes are there in the pond, the plants surrounding the pond. Garden pond maintenance also depends on the climate, and the seasons like winter and spring will require different maintenance requirements.

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Locate and fix any patch leaks. You can use a pond repair kit for this purpose. Check regularly for any issues in garden pond machinery like pumps and filters. Replace the parts if necessary.  Proper functioning of pumps is crucial for keeping the water circulating in the pond. It helps to prevent stagnation and restricts the growth of algae and mosquitoes. Pumps and filters also help in maintaining the water flow.

It is also advised to regularly clear the pond of any leaves and debris from surrounding plants and trees. Adding some aquatic plants can also help to increase the oxygen levels. In addition to planting floating plants, keep a check on algae growth.

Garden pond maintenance requires having a balance water level is exceptionally crucial. It helps to prevent the build-up of minerals. Also, the chemical levels of chlorine and chloramines in water should be kept in check. An excess of these chemicals may prove extremely harmful for fish and other aquatic animals in the pond.

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Ensuring the health of fish in the pond is also very important. Reduce fish feeding in winter as their digestion slows down in winter months. During the winter months, move the fish to an indoor pond if the temperatures drop too much. Take care of the surrounding plants by using proper fertilizers.