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Selecting a Correct Pump For Your Garden Water Features

Water pumps are one of the most crucial features of the garden pond. Although a static garden pond pump isn’t an absolute necessity, a pump is required when we install a fountain, waterfall, and filter. A water pump helps to keep the circulation of water. Water circulation helps to keep the fish and plants healthy. Water circulation helps in the prevention of algae build-up, breeding of mosquitoes, and stagnation of water. Water circulation also helps in the proper distribution of oxygen levels throughout the garden pond system.

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Choosing the correct pump can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be!

For a heavy waterfall flow, you’ll want to use about 2,000gph per single foot of waterfall discharge. If you would like a lighter waterfall flow, use about 1,000gph per foot of waterfall discharge.

Take note of your tubing from the pump to the waterfall. If its greater than 10′ then we recommend to add about 1 foot of head for every 10′ of tubing.

First you will want to determine the head pressure. Head is the same as the total number of feet from the top of the waterfall to the top of the water’s surface.

pond pumps for water feature

Second, you’ll want to determine the desired water flow. How much water do you want moving over the waterfall per hour? Usually you’ll want about 1,500 gallons of water per hour (GPH) for every 1 foot of waterfall discharge. This is just the average though, you may want more. For instance, if your waterfall is 2′ you’ll want a 3000gph pump.

Lastly, in this example the head pressure is 5′ and the estimated pump needed is 3000gph. Noting this information, we find out that we will need a pump that is 3000gph at 5′ of head.

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Aquascape pond pumps can be tricky if you’re uncertain what you need. The simplest solution is to give us a call and ask what size you need for your water garden, but beyond that, take a look at a pump calculator to see which one you need. Simply add in the values for your water garden and you’ll be able to find out exactly which pond pump you need.

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